Mrs. Carsee Herring, President

Lockport New Beginnings, Inc. was  founded in 1994 by Lockport’s own Mrs. Carsee Herring. LNB, Inc. is a not-for-profit faith based organization that began with a focus on drug and alcohol prevention and expanded to meet the needs of families and youth in our community. As the years passed, LNB, Inc. saw a need for intervention with our youth, as many of them were on a destructive path. In addition to our substance abuse program, LNB, Inc. implemented programs such as Minority Outreach Services, Young Men and Women of Character, and Friday Youth Night at Emmet Belknap School.  The latest project is fundraising so we can purchase a building in the city of Lockport to hold our programs, events and our after school program. These programs are designed to target the youth in our community.

Favorite Quote: “Service is the rent we pay for living” (Marian Wright Edelmen), and Lockport New Beginnings, Inc. actively lives by this principle. Our goal is to make a difference in the lives of others by enriching the community through our services.

Board of Directors and Committee Chairs

Mrs. Carsee Herring, President
Mrs. Renee Cheatham, Vice President and Treasurer
Ms. Rebekah Dash, Secretary
Mr. Ronald Cheatham, Youth Committee Chair
Ms. Alice Patterson, Committee Chair
Mrs. Shannon Stork-Patterson, Committee Chair
Mrs. Mary Jo Floyd, Committee Chair
Ms. Felicia Patterson, Committee Chair
Mrs. Erin Kiner-Burch, Committee Chair
Mrs. Amanda Tyler, Committee Chair
Mrs. Maria Gill, Committee Chair

is a charitable organization that is dedicated to positively enhancing the lives of people in our community by encouraging and equipping them through programs that enrich their lives.


is a faith-based charitable organization committed to actively working to restore freedom to people in our community who are pressed down by destructive dependencies, such as drug and alcohol addiction, unhealthy relationships, and the ravages of poverty by providing programs that advance healthy lifestyles, promote education, and encourage positive self-worth.