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About Lockport New Beginnings

Our mission is the eradication of chemical dependency (drugs & alcohol) from our community.Lockport New Beginnings is not-for-profit, 501(c) (3) organization established in 1994 by Carsee Herring. We are located in Lockport, New York, and provide services to people from all parts of Niagara County.

Our Founder, Mrs. Carsee Herring

Mrs. Carsee Herring was born in Georgia, but raised and educated in the city of Lockport. She was married to her late husband Henry for 51 years. They had 5 children: Joyce, Henry Jr, Clayton, Renee and Terry. They have several grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and great-great-grandchildren (5 generations!).

While raising her children, one of her sons struggled with drug addiction. In her search to understand this addiction, she found others in the community that faced the same pain and suffering. She saw a need for a faith-based drug and alcohol support program. God put this on her heart and blessed her with a vision to start what is now called Lockport New Beginnings.

Mrs. Herring founded Lockport New Beginnings in 1994. Her first drug & alcohol support program began at Lock View Plaza and then at the Dale Association. Through the support program, Carsee heard countless stories that lead her to discover other needs in the community. One of the greatest needs was for the teenagers in the community - the youth needed positive interaction and a safe environment so they wouldn't turn to a life of drugs and alcohol. Based on the stuggles she encountered with her own son, Carsee didn't want any other parents to go through the same pain. With the permission of the Lockport school district, she started the "Friday Night Gym" program held at Emmett Belknap School. This program gave kids ages 12-18 a place to go on Friday Nights to play basketball, board games and more. To further her teen intervention efforts, the "Young Men and Women of Character" program was launched. This program, which runs for 10-15 weeks, is held at Lockport City Council Chambers. Each week, a different speaker shares with the youth (ages 13-18) about the choices they make in life. Carsee also started Project LIFTT (Learning Information for Today and Tomorrow). In addition, her Stepping Up program provides sneakers, clothing and school supplies to children in need. Lastly, the Women's Expo is a workshop for women to provide services aimed at enriching and empowering them.

Mrs. Herring and her organization have been host to the Black History Celebration in Lockport for 24 years. She has also held a Drug Free Walk for the last 23 years.

For her accomplishments, Carsee has been a recipient of the Pioneer Award for Deliverance Temple COGIC, Rotary Club Community Service Award, Lion of Judah Award, Person of the Year Award, Salvation Army "Others Award", and the YMCA Lifetime Achievement Award. She has served on the Mental Health Association and Cornell Cooperative Extension boards. Mrs. Herring is a member of the Latter Rain Cathedral Church in Lockport, where she serves on the Mothers board.

Her faith in God's purpose for her life is what drives and motivates her to work each and every day to do what she can to help others. Carsee is always thinking of others and is driven to make this world a better place one community at a time.

Board of Directors & Volunteers

Carsee Herring

Founder and President, Latter Rain Cathedral User Board Vice President

Ronald Cheatham

Vice President

Renee Cheatham

Treasurer, Lockport City School District Board Trustee, Latter Rain Cathedral Board Trustee, NAACP Board member, Cornerstone CFCU local 153 Union Steward

Jon Wiley

Secretary, Lockport Housing Authority Board member, drug and alcohol counselor for the Niagara Falls Mental Health Association

Fatima Hodge

Latter Rain Cathedral President of Pastors Aide

Rebekah Dash

Cornerstone CFCU Branch Manager, Real estate agent for Hunt Reality, member of the Chapel at Cross Point

Alice Patterson

Council for Lockport New Beginnings Advisory Committee


Shannon Patterson, University at Buffalo, Campus Living Office Manager


Flora Hawkins, MaryJo Floyd, Paula Travis, Marion Hannigan, Kiki Cheatham, Shelia Tomlinson, LaShonda McKenzie, Tammy Bundrock


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