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Young Men and Women of Character

The Young Men & Women of Character program supports teenagers between the ages of 13 and 18, assisting in their transition to adulthood, building confidence and self-awareness in their abilities and capabilities, and teaching them how to overcome adversity in their environments.

The program is designed to teach that there is power in choice, and that positive choices always make for the best alternatives. The core of the program is a step-by-step curriculum, which focuses on building life skills. The teens learn to value themselves and move towards becoming stable and successful people within the community.

Several of the graduates have earned college degrees, and now give back to the program. Each year, there are two $1000 scholarships offered (one for a young man of character and one for a young woman of character) to individuals that amplify the characteristics of exceptional character.

  • When: after school Sept to Nov
  • Length: Weekly for 10-12 weeks
  • Ronald Cheetham
  • Phone: (716) 434-0649
  • Email: